zw@zw-pc:apt-get install microcom  
zw@zw-pc:apt-get install minicom
zw:~/ $ microcom --help
Usage: microcom [options]
[options] include:
-p, --port=<devfile> use the specified serial port device (/dev/ttyS0);
-s, --speed=<speed> use specified baudrate (115200)
-t, --telnet=<host:port> work in telnet (rfc2217) mode
-c, --can=<interface:rx_id:tx_id> work in CAN mode
default: (can0:200:200)
-f, --force ignore existing lock file
-d, --debug output debugging info
-l, --logfile=<logfile> log output to <logfile>
-o, --listenonly Do not modify local terminal, do not send input
from stdin
-a, --answerback=<str> specify the answerback string sent as response to
an ENQ (ASCII 0x05) Character
-v, --version print version string
-h, --help This help
Exitcode 0 -
zw:~/ $ minicom -h
Usage: minicom [OPTION]... [configuration]
A terminal program for Linux and other unix-like systems.

-b, --baudrate : set baudrate (ignore the value from config)
-D, --device : set device name (ignore the value from config)
-s, --setup : enter setup mode
-o, --noinit : do not initialize modem & lockfiles at startup
-m, --metakey : use meta or alt key for commands
-M, --metakey8 : use 8bit meta key for commands
-l, --ansi : literal; assume screen uses non IBM-PC character set
-L, --iso : don't assume screen uses ISO8859
-w, --wrap : Linewrap on
-H, --displayhex : display output in hex
-z, --statline : try to use terminal's status line
-7, --7bit : force 7bit mode
-8, --8bit : force 8bit mode
-c, --color=on/off : ANSI style color usage on or off
-a, --attrib=on/off : use reverse or highlight attributes on or off
-t, --term=TERM : override TERM environment variable
-S, --script=SCRIPT : run SCRIPT at startup
-d, --dial=ENTRY : dial ENTRY from the dialing directory
-p, --ptty=TTYP : connect to pseudo terminal
-C, --capturefile=FILE : start capturing to FILE
-F, --statlinefmt : format of status line
-R, --remotecharset : character set of communication partner
-v, --version : output version information and exit
-h, --help : show help
configuration : configuration file to use

These options can also be specified in the MINICOM environment variable.
This variable is currently unset.
The configuration directory for the access file and the configurations
is compiled to /etc/minicom.

Report bugs to <>.